Welcome aboard Minke, a unique exploration vessel.

Minke@Smuggler Cove

To fully understand the environment, it is necessary to experience it firsthand. For a small crew of hardy explorers, Minke makes that possible.

In 2017 Minke explored the inner passages and coastal byways of British Columbia. The next voyage planned for Minke is a crossing of the North Pacific to Asia in 2018. We will leave the Salish Sea through the Straight of Juan de Fuca and set our course southwest toward Hawaii. From Hawaii we expect to join the Pacific trade winds for a long passage to Guam and the South China Sea beyond.

If you are a friendly and enthusiastic person, able to adapt quickly to life on the water, ideally have relevant experience and/or special skills (e.g., sailing experience, knowledge of mechanical systems, photography skills, etc.) and would be eager to join a very small crew on the next voyage, please get in touch.


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