PAUL G. HARRIS has been teaching university courses in international relations, environmental studies and political science since the mid-1990s. Scroll down this page for more information and to see some comments from students who have taken Professor Harris’s courses, and to find a list of courses that he has taught.

“My pedagogical philosophy is to do more than teach the subject at hand. I also strive to enhance my students’ analytical skills and help them develop a stronger sense of social responsibility and global citizenship. With the proliferation of information technologies, it’s more important than ever to help students learn how to identify what’s most important — and why.” Paul G. Harris


Professor Harris teaches courses in the Global Governance Studies minor and the Global and Environmental Studies major degree programs offered by the Department of Social Sciences at the Education University of Hong Kong. He has supervised the research of advanced undergraduate, masters and doctoral students. He has worked with academic teams to develop a number of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

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During the Spring semester of the 2022-23 academic year, Professor Harris is teaching “Climate Change and Society” and “Global Environmental Governance.” Students interested in these courses are welcome to get in touch with questions.

Professor Harris welcomes queries from potential research post-graduate and doctoral candidates with complementary research interests. Application information is available from the Graduate School.


Professor Harris is very enthusiastic and passionate in teaching. I learnt a lot about the relationship between climate change and society and I can reflect on my behaviours. I truly enjoyed this course a lot.” / “Thank you so much for your extraordinary teaching! It was my second time studying your courses. I [was] always inspired by the classes.” / “Professor Harris is a very good lecturer who managed the lessons well and provided many opportunities for us to express our opinions. His passion [about] the seriousness of climate change and the importance to solve the issue impressed me.

Samples from anonymous student evaluations of “Climate Change and Society,” Spring 2023

I want to say a huge thank you for your teaching throughout my senior year, when I took two of your courses. I really treasured it a lot and I explicitly enjoyed your mode and style of teaching.

Christopher Lai, March 2022

I really appreciated the feedback from the professor on essays and the presentation and the way he thought [out] this course. I found it very motivating to actively participate in every class.

Anonymous student evaluation of “Politics of Climate Change,” Autumn 2021

Thank you, Prof. Harris for the wonderful and passionate teaching! Also, the valuable comments for inspiring us to think out of the box!

Anonymous student evaluation of “U.S. Foreign Policy,” Autumn 2021

This is the best [course] I ever had. … Paul Harris is the best professor who provides immediate responses to our performance and taught very well in class.

Anonymous student evaluation of “The Politics of Climate Change,” Autumn 2020

“I want to thank you for the amazing time I had in your lectures last year in Hong Kong. I learned so much and it completely changed the way I understand global warming.”

Nicolai Johannessen

“Having studied environmental science for two years, I thought that I would know most things already when I took your courses “Environmental Ethics and Philosophy” and “Politics of Climate Change”. Let’s just say that I was wrong. I think you challenged me and every other student…. Your teaching creates a ripple effect that will pass on an environmental mentality way beyond your students.”

Anna Westerberg

“I think it is lucky for me to have attended your courses in my undergraduate study. I would like to express my gratitude to you and thank you for giving me such a great experience of learning.” 

S.Y. Chwang

“Thank you for your teaching. I learnt a lot from the courses you taught (Global Environmental Governance and the Politics of Climate Change). At the beginning, I felt that your course is quite difficult [but soon] I realised that I learnt more in this kind of teaching style…. It is enjoyable.” 

Cherry Ho

“Your teaching method changed me.… And I really appreciate that you helped us a lot, such as giving us advice on our assignments and our future plans. Thank you very much.” 

Fiona Li

“You are always admirable [and] one of the teachers who influenced me in my life.”

Esther Luk

COURSES TAUGHT (and where)

  • Animal Rights (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Asian International Relations (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Causes and Prevention of War (Brandeis University with Seyom Brown)
  • Climate Change and Society (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Climate Justice (Lingnan University)
  • Comparative Environmental Politics and Policy (Lingnan University)
  • Diplomacy (UCK, Norwich University), post-grad level
  • Environmental Change and Foreign Policy in Asia Pacific (Lingnan University Selected Issues in the Asian Pacific Region)
  • Environmental Change, Sustainability and Society (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Environmental Psychology and Values (Lingnan University)
  • Environmental Studies/Selected Issues in Environmental Studies (Lingnan University)
  • Environment and Development (Oxford University post-grad tutorials)
  • Environment and Society in Hong Kong (Lingnan University)
  • Ethics and International Affairs (London Guildhall University, Lingnan University Selected Issues in International Political and Legal Affairs)
  • Ethics and International Relations (UCK), post-grad course
  • Global and Environmental Justice and Rights (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Global Environmental Politics/Global Environmental Governance (Lingnan University, Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Globalization and Justice (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • International Economics (Norwich University), post-grad course
  • International Law (Norwich University), post-grad course
  • International Organization and Regimes (Lingnan University)
  • International Politics and Law (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • International Relations/International Politics introductory courses (Education University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, London Guildhall University, University of New Hampshire, Brandeis University and Harvard University with Seyom Brown)
  • International Relations Theory (London Guildhall University, Norwich University [post-grad course])
  • Politics/Introduction to Political Science (London Guildhall University, Lingnan University)
  • Politics of Climate Change (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • Trade and International Relations of the Asia Pacific (Lingnan University)
  • United Nations Organization (UCK), post-grad course
  • U.S./American Foreign Policy (University of New Hampshire, London Guildhall University, Lingnan University, Education University of Hong Kong)
  • World Ethics and Climate Change (Education University of Hong Kong)
  • World Politics (University of New Hampshire)
  • Lectures in additional undergraduate EdUHK courses, e.g., Hong Kong History and Culture, Honors Project methods course, Perspectives on Citizenship, etc.
  • Lecturing in EdUHK doctoral/PG-research courses, e.g., Conceptualizing Research, Development of Research Proposals, Thesis Preparation, etc.
  • Supervision of advanced undergraduate, honors, M.A. and Ph.D. research in many areas related to environmental, international and political affairs.