Seeking to expand and share knowledge of international affairs and global environmental governance

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“Very accessible, often provocative, sometimes depressing, but always engaging, this should be read by everyone interested in climate politics.” Neil Carter, University of York

“A splendid collection of succinct, expert analyses of the massive governance problems of a world of rising seas, pervasive pollution, and declining ecosystems.” D.B. Robertson, Choice

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PAUL G. HARRIS is author or editor of 26 books on climate change and global environmental politics, policy and justice.

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Writing by PAUL G. HARRIS has appeared widely in scholarly journals and books.


PAUL G. HARRIS conducts research on global and environmental politics, policy and justice. Most of his work focuses on climate change.


PAUL G. HARRIS strives to enhance students’ analytical skills and help them develop a stronger sense of social responsibility and global citizenship.


PAUL G. HARRIS serves the academic profession and the community through a variety of activities.


PAUL G. HARRIS comments on international and environmental affairs to stimulate thought and transfer knowledge.